View of Paris Sacré Coeur Terrass" Hotel MontmartreView of Paris Sacré Coeur Terrass" Hotel Montmartre
key picto illustration Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris

The Hotel


Old photo of the façade of the Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris

After Dali, Matisse, Renoir, Edith Piaf or Jacques Prévert, discover the Terrass'' Hotel.

A legendary Parisian hotel

It all began in 1911, when Edmond Hurand, who already owned the Elysée-Montmartre, bought a brasserie and an adjoining 1000 m2 lot at the corner of Caulaincourt and Joseph de Maistre streets, in the heart of Montmartre.

A true visionary, he built a 120-room establishment with a roof terrace offering a panoramic view of the capital. Thus was born the Terrass'' Hotel, a mythical place in the heart of Montmartre frequented by many artists and writers such as Colette, Michel Simon, Pierre Brasseur or the pianist Samson François.

Older photo of the Terrass" Hotel Montmartre ParisOld postcard of the Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris

Since its creation, the hotel has always belonged to the family of its founder, who has passed on from generation to generation the passion of entertaining, surprising and also providing human and culinary experiences.

Stairs Terrass" Hotel Montmartre ParisLobby Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris

New era

The hotel has undergone several structural renovations with the recent installation of the restaurant on the top floor. This one bears the name of the founder: Edmond Hurand.

This total renovation, carried out by Muriel Gaz, the long-time architect of the Terrass'' Hotel, has given a contemporary style to the hotel while preserving its original character.


more than a neighbourhood,
a state of mind

Photo view on the Eiffel Tower Terrass" Hotel Montmartre ParisPhoto of the area and the Eiffel Tower Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Parisillustration vélo Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Photo view on the Sacré Coeur Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris
Photo of the neighbouring street Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris

We will never tire of introducing you to our district and the typical charm of its alleys: its old-fashioned grocery shops and bakeries that smell of croissants, its galleries and shops with period facades. Not forgetting the endless staircases that offer a breathtaking view of the whole of Paris.

garden table illustration Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris



A few paved streets away from the Sacré Coeur and the Moulin Rouge, the Terrass'' Hotel offers you a privileged access to all of Montmartre that you can discover by foot. Staying here means immersing yourself in the world of travel and artists! The 92 rooms are decorated like dressing rooms and have a contemporary decor with resolutely modern comfort.

Photo of the library Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris


Because our small gestures make big actions, we imagine, test and deploy progressively in our hotel new solutions, to limit our environmental impact, but also to give you the means to act and contribute at your scale during your stay with us.


picto reception Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
24-hour reception & concierge service
picto spa Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
picto garden table Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Rooftop Bar
picto fork & knife Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Panoramic restaurant
picto seminar Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Seminar rooms
picto scooter Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Running & cycling booths
picto children Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
picto laundry Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
picto carpet Terrass" hotel Montmartre Paris
Sports equipment (yoga mat, brick)
Parking on reservation

The advantages of the Terrass'' Hotel

photo kids & pets friendly Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris
Kids & Pets
Photo of the library Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris
Photo arcade games and table football Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris
Studio hartcourt Terrass" Hotel Montmartre Paris
Studio Harcourt

Find us

Terrass' hotel

12-14 rue Joseph Maistre
75018 Paris

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Is Wifi available?

Yes, wifi is available in the rooms and in all common areas.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served from 7am - 10.30am.

Is it possible to have breakfast served in the room?

Yes, you can have breakfast brought to your room by contacting room service or by filling out the breakfast form the day before.

Does the hotel have a laundry?

Yes, the hotel has a laundry service.


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