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Bar & Rooftop

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For a drink with a view
on the roofs of Paris

3:30 pm - 00:30 am TUESDAY - SATURDAY
3:30 pm - 11:30 pm MONDAY & SUNDAY

Nestled on the 7th floor of the hotel, our rooftop is a little bubble in the middle of Montmartre... We meet with friends for an aperitif, sip one of our signature cocktails and enjoy the view over Paris...

Without reservation.

at the moment

on the rooftop

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Any questions?

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Can we come to the rooftop bar without a reservation?

Access to the rooftop is without reservation. To avoid queuing, please choose times outside of 7-8:30pm.

Can we make a reservation?

No, the rooftop bar doesn't take reservations, but it's highly recommended to reserve the restaurant. Reserve my table here. However, if you would like to reserve our rooftop bar, please contact our sales department:

Can I access the rooftop bar and restaurant without being a guest of the hotel?

The rooftop bar and the panoramic restaurant welcome outside guests with great pleasure.

Is the rooftop heated and covered?

The rooftop can be covered depending on the weather and is heated in winter.


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